About us

Masterfully handcrafted watches in limited series or as we like to call it - an independent microbrand. Gyavius Watch Company was founded in 2012 when Industrial designer T.Gyavurov started exploring his lifelong passion for the watch industry. A timeless composition of craftsmanship, science, engineering, and art. The beginning took place in the usual startup incubator - the family garage. It was quickly outgrown and the manufacture had to be moved a couple of times (including a move across Europe). Currently based near Sofia, Bulgaria.

From the very beginning, our main goal was to keep design, development, and manufacturing in-house. By sticking to it we are able to develop our vision and explore new concepts much quicker. The pursuit of watchmaking goes hand in hand with hunting and rebuilding old machines (and building new ones) as well as exploring what traditional and new technologies have to offer. Something our founder enjoys as much as prototyping our future models.

Every watch produced by Gyavius is handcrafted, hand-finished, and individually assembled by hand. Very few watches leave the workshop each month. We aim to manufacture the majority of components we use which include the case, bezel, case back, crown, movement ring, dial, hands, straps, and more. Movements are sourced from Switzerland. The rest of the components needed are sourced from European manufacturers that match our quality requirements.

Always working on new machines, processes, concepts, and prototypes to further develop our independence and craftsmanship.